Farm Facts

Farm Facts

Location: 39°44’32.4″N 105°06’08.6″W

Elevation: 5564 ft.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone: 6a

2020 Production Area: 67,950 sq ft (39 x 50′ beds; 3 x 100′ beds; 5 x 15′ beds)

Irrigation: Custom-built hybrid system utilizing high efficiency drip tape (primary) and low-flow overheads (for cooling).  Source: Municipal water supply (Consolidated Mutual Water Company, Lakewood CO).

Post-Harvest/Packhouse: 768 sq ft Morton Metal Building with walk-in cooler, custom-built Greens Bubbler, Root Wash and Drying Tables; Colorado Department of Agriculture approved & certified scale for wholesale & retail packaging.