Food Safety

Our farm is rooted in a passion for good, clean food and we have developed a comprehensive Food Safety Plan to ensure our fresh produce meets or exceeds the highest safety and quality standards.

  • We use only non-GMO seed, and purchase organic seed stock whenever possible.
  • We farm organically in accordance with all National Organic Program (NOP) and USDA Organic Standards (Please note: we are not eligible to apply for USDA Organic certification until 2021).
  • We irrigate our field with tap water, virtually eliminating the risk of E. Coli contamination from surface water.
  • We follow Good Agricultural & Good Handling Practices (GAP & GHP), and are exploring the economic feasibility of an audit in 2020.
  • We are certified by the Produce Safety Alliance, and exceed all Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements.

We encourage all of our customers-- and potential customers-- to come visit the farm and learn more about what we do to ensure its safety and quality.

To schedule a farm visit, please email us at tastyacresco@gmail.com or call Christin Mihon at (303) 880-4027.